Shopping Holidays: The Best Markets to Visit Abroad

Sometimes finding gifts are difficult, but sometimes when you are off to an adventure, you want to get fully immersed in the culture and you may even find a gift on the way too! And what better way to do that than going and visiting the amazing markets that some countries have to offer. You may even discover things about shopping which you never even knew you enjoyed! Let us go over some of the best markets to visit when abroad. 


Chatuchak Market- Thailand, Bangkok 

Now, if you are a foodie then this is the market for you, ranging from hundreds of different types of foods from fruit platters to delicious meats- there is always something for everyone! If that is not for you then why don’t you check out the antiques, pets, or clothing, but make sure you get a map to navigate around the 35 acres and 15,000 stalls (Yes, you read that correctly, 15,000). The stalls are open every day, but make sure you plan your day ahead as it gets very busy and hectic, so wake up early and prepare for a truly inspiring adventure. If toys are what you are after then this is the right place to be, hier vind je geweldige cadeaus voor 1-jarige jongens and girls. You will never struggle to find a toy here.


Grand Bazaar- Istanbul, Turkey 

Turkey is a true historical beauty with so much hidden culture and historical significance, and it does not stop at this bazaar. It was originally found back in 1461 and used to be the center of trade for the Ottoman empire, back in its glory days. You can snack on the delicious baklavas and tulumbas, or go spice shopping and find something new to cook with, or maybe you can find a hand-sown scarf to take back home as a gift to the in-laws- the possibilities are endless. It is always full of tourists, but even locals go down to have a shop too so don’t be worried about getting haggled for prices! The items from the bazaar are always first class and are an excellent token to bring home to say you’ve been to the Grand Bazaar (Especially the special Turkish tea and coffee sets!).  



London is famously known to be one of the busiest places in the world, attracting loads of tourists from all the way around the world. But what is so special about it? There are so many different markets, all for different things- and the easy public access to the London underground makes it perfect to travel around! Visit Columbia Road Flower Market for beautiful bouquets, Borough Market for fresh local produce of fruits and vegs, or even Seven dials Market for a warehouse full of numerous different food stalls- choose whatever you want from steak to pasta and everything in between. Enjoy the culture and environment that you are able to experience as lives are soon to be back to normal, and London may be the spot for you if you are ready for the adventure and travel that comes with it!