The 5 Most Romantic Holidays you can Go On

When you’re in a relationship and in love with your significant other then you want to show them how you feel. If you’ve been together a while, then it may get harder to find nice gestures to show your partner how you feel. Luckily, there are online quizzes you can take if you’re wondering what is my love language, one of the most common love languages people find is showing their partner how in love they are by planning a romantic getaway. If a few days alone with your partner exploring a new place sounds good to you then we’ve found 5 of the best romantic holiday destinations. 


Paris is the capital of France and is well known for being the most romantic city in the world. If you were to go here with your partner you would have one of the most romantic holidays of your life, from having cute picnics in the palace gardens to romantic sunset cruises along the river Seine, there is loads of romantic stuff to do here. The most popular romantic attraction here is that you and your partner can add a lock with your names to the love bridge. 



Rome is the capital of Italy and is another European city that is known for being a city of love. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic setting than walking the streets of this amazing city, taking everything in with your partner, and trying some of the best ice creams you’ll ever have. One thing that couples love to do in Rome is to make a wish with their partner at the Trevi Fountain.  




Venice is another major city in Italy, a country known for amazing romances. Venice is a much smaller city but just as romantic, it’s known for all its canals and romantic gondola rides. If you’re a big social media user then you’ll find some amazing backdrops for romantic photos with your partner, the most popular being the Bridge of Sighs. 




Santorini is one of the many beautiful Greek islands. It’s grown in popularity over the years and has become one of the top romantic getaway destinations. The views in Santorini are breathtaking and the sunsets here are on another level. Its white-washed architecture sets it apart from other romantic destinations and the island is filled with romantic restaurants so you and your partner will be spoiled for choice. If you’re thinking of proposing on your romantic trip then this is one of the most popular proposal places in the world. 


Lake Bled

Lake Bled is in Slovenia, it’s slightly different from the other destinations and is much more suited for outdoorsy couples. It’s one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and to spend some time relaxing here with your partner would be something that you’d remember forever. It’s not far from Ljubljana, this is the capital of Slovenia so you wouldn’t have to go far to find romantic activities here.