The Traveller’s Guide to Attending the World Cup Successfully

Although many soccer fans dream to have the opportunity to go to the world cup it can be a very daunting event due to the huge amount of preparation that is needed to make the journey as well as everything that you will need to remember for the actual event. This list will go through some of the essential items that will help to make your attendance at the world cup as stress-free as possible. As is the case with most travel journeys as long as you are organized and make sure that you have all of your needs and requirements covered whilst you are away everything should run smoothly and you will be free to enjoy the experience. 


Preparation is key to making sure you have everything you need to have a good experience whilst you are away at the once-in-a-lifetime destination of the world cup. You should start looking a good few months before your trip at every different aspect of your journey including how you are going to get there, what you will need to bring with you, and ensuring you have all of the necessary documentation and tickets before you go as some vendors may only let you attend if you have arranged a booking in advance.  

It may seem like a lot of effort and many people admit to hating the preparation phase of traveling, but I’m sure we can all agree that it is all worth it when the sun hits your face and you take those first steps off the plane. If you are a soccer fan visiting a destination purely for the purpose of going to the world cup then you may find the opportunity to have a kickabout with some other like-minded fans so it would be a good idea to pack some of your soccer gear like the best soccer shoes for use on turf, as it would be less than ideal to lose out on the game in a unique location as you didn’t pack the necessary items.   


It is vital that you make sure you book any arrangements well in advance of the date you are due to travel, the world cup is a very high-profile event that swamps the host city with millions of tourists and visitors who are all there for the same reason. As soon as you’re able I would get the travel essentials booked with your world cup match tickets being the most important if that is the reason you are traveling. Hotels and catering arrangements will also be in very high demand with millions of people in the same area looking for food and drink it gets very busy and reservations are usually scarce, with this in mind I would definitely recommend that you look for a hotel that offers some form of food and drink so that you can be sure you are going to be able to be fed a decent meal whilst you are away. It is imperative that you remember to print any tickets or documents so that you have peace of mind that you have a physical copy and to avoid any issues on your holiday.  


When it comes to the world cup everything increases in demand as soon as the information regarding the events’ locations is released, everyone moves very quickly to book everything they need to avoid missing out. As demand is high you will need to book your flights as soon as possible so you can get on the right flight to give you plenty of time to prepare when you are out of the country. The longer you leave it the more likely it is that the flight prices will increase as the dates get closer and closer, so you would be much better off saving some holiday budget by getting your flights while they are being offered at a cheaper price. It should also go without saying that you will have to make sure you have your passports and insurance with you to allow you to travel and to prepare for an emergency situation.  


The final pointer on this list would have to be the food and drink, as previously mentioned it gets very busy within the hospitality industry when the world cup is happening to make it very hard to find a table within the local venues. If you are traveling with a family I would recommend that you either try and find a hotel with board included or go for a self-catering option. This may not be as glamorous but it will definitely save you money as well as giving you the choice of what to eat as you can buy it yourself.