Travel Blogging: The 7 Best Insta Accounts to Follow

As humans, we have a curiosity about what other people are doing in their free time. This is why social media is so loved by everyone. It gives us the chance to take a peek into what other people are doing with their time. Let’s be honest, we all love to judge other people and even compare what they are doing to what we are doing.  

Some of us just love to gain insights into a world that we may never get the chance to be a part of. This is why some of the most popular Instagram pages on the internet are travel blogs. Most of us cannot afford to venture into the unseen parts of the world, so it is good that we can experience it through the documentation of those who can.  


Here are the 7 best Instagram accounts to follow if you love traveling blogs


The Travel Pro 

This page is managed by Mike Tenazas, who decided to drop out of medical school and follow his dream of traveling the world. After learning about the fragility of the human body, he decided that he did not want to spend his life working all of the time. Instead, he chose to travel the world and experience what he could within the life he had. This Instagram is most loved due to its unique shots, which are usually taken using a drone. For some time, Mike was worried about whether or not he could sustain his life by just living off the Instagram engagement. However, he visited and bought some views to get his page really going. 


This page is run by someone called Jack Morris and Jack has managed to make a career from what he loved most photography. Jack started off small by photographing his local area. Then his Instagram really took off and he was able to quit his everyday job and go traveling. While he was traveling, his Instagram continued to get more and more popular, which meant he could continue to travel full time through the use of business endorsements and Instagram engagement.  


Ali had no intention of documenting his love of travel, but when he posted some of the photographs he took while vacationing in Dubai, his friends insisted that he needed to display his work for the world to see. Luckily for Ali, his family is extremely rich and strongly encouraged him to pursue his love of travel. Thanks to the generosity of his family, Ali plans on continuing his pursuit of exploring all of the beautiful countries in the world. 


This Instagram is a little different from the rest as it is not owned by an individual person, but a company instead. Soneva is one of the most popular holiday resorts, due to the surrounding beautiful blue sea. There is no wonder why this resort is so popular and it makes sense for the company to try and show off what they have to offer. This page gives you daily photo updates, so you can sit back and imagine what it would be like to be there. 




If you are someone that loves animals, then you need to follow wearethewilderness. This Instagram page travels all over the world and photographs all of the wonderful animals that the planet has to offer. This page focuses a lot on catching animals in their natural environments, so if you have only seen animals within zoos or enclosures, then you will love the contrast of seeing the animals in their natural environments.  


This Instagram is so popular because it allows you to have insights into a world that you may never get the chance to experience on your own. From the top of Everest to the depths of the Amazon, this Instagram goes absolutely everywhere. This Instagram doesn’t only capture the beauty of the places that they travel to, it also engages with the people that live in these places that are often forgotten. This is because the page really wants to display the culture, which is dependent on the citizens of that specific area.  



This page really stands out from the rest due to the story behind it. Madeleine Schneider achieved her piloting license and then took to the sky.  Unfortunately, Madeleine was unable to get steady work at an airline and so decided to take her love of flying and channel it into another career entirely. These days, Madeleine travels around the world in her private plane, stopping off at some of the most beautiful locations around the world. She focuses mainly on traveling to places during big events, so she is able to capture the energy that a country is feeling and post it online.