Travelling By Boat: How to Deal with Seasickness

The majority of us have spent a lot of time indoors in the last year or so and now that we are all finally free, many people have looked into booking holidays so that they can get out there and explore the world once again, as we all used to.  

As we have all been avoiding one illness for the last year, something that we have all forgotten about is travel sickness. If you haven’t had the chance to get about and travel during the pandemic, then you may have even forgotten that you suffer from travel sickness. Arguably the worst kind of travel sickness is seasickness, seasickness leaves you feeling extremely nauseous and it is not as though you can offer yourself any relief, as you are in the middle of the ocean and have pretty much nowhere to go.  

If you have a trip planned, such as heading on a cruise or traveling via ferry, then you may be worried about experiencing seasickness. Don’t worry, your holiday doesn’t need to be put on hold as there are ways to overcome your illness. Here is how to deal with seasickness on your next trip.  



If you are someone that deals with severe seasickness, then there is absolutely no harm in getting some medication to help to deal with it. If you go to any coastal store, then they will have a large selection of medication that is specially designed to ensure that you do not feel any illness when you are on the boat. This kind of medication can be bought over the counter and it is not very expensive.  

If you are not comfortable with taking any medication to help with your sickness, we recommend that you try using something like cbd oil, CBD oil is known for reducing feelings of nausea and is commonly used by people who have chronic illnesses and experience constant feelings of sickness. CBD oil can be taken in many forms and so you will easily find one that fits your needs.  


Be well rested 

The worst thing you can do when it comes to dealing with your seasickness is head off on your trip tired. The night before you plan on having a boat trip, make sure that you have at least eight hours of sleep. Everyone knows that if you haven’t had plenty of sleep then you will simply wake up the next day feeling horrible and unwell, which will only be amplified if you also struggle with seasickness.  

Having a decent amount of sleep will also mean that you will feel more refreshed, which means that you will be able to enjoy your trip much more. 


Make sure that you are eaten  

This may seem like a difficult one when you feel unwell, but it is important that you ensure that you eat plenty of food before you head onto the boat. We recommend that you have a big breakfast, as you will have time to digest it and it will also fuel your body with the much-needed energy that you require to be able to get on with the rest of your day.  

If you are someone that doesn’t often eat breakfast, then the idea of doing it may be quite unappealing. However, it is very common knowledge that having an empty stomach can only increase feelings of nausea and if you are on a boat, there is likely that they will be no way in which you can get food and if you are already feeling sick, then it is likely that you wouldn’t want it anyway.